"Where He leads, we will follow; Where He sends, we will go. Through the years, God has blessed this team with a number of mission trips, here and there ..."



The team's first overseas trip - what an adventure!  Working with the churches of Burntisland, outside of Edinburgh, the team led a week long VBS program.  The trip included a number of performances including a local daycare and were even invited to perform at a townhall meeting.  Our last evening was a great fellowship time with a bagpipe player and highland dancing.  Many friendships and memories were made during this trip.



From the Amazon River to the Moju River, the team was able to perform at a number of locations, including a college during an English class.  Working alongside missionaries David & Conce Roof, with their son, Andrew, the team taught the people at the Roof's local church all about being a puppet team. 


Joplin, MO

The team travelled out to Joplin, Missouri; there they were able to spend each day at the Joplin Boys and Girls club teaching the children there about God's love with puppets, games, crafts, music and lots of fun! 


Brooklyn, New York
Doing a Street Ministry with our Brother and Sisters of the John Hus Moravian Church;
Offering free hot dogs, drinks and talking about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Working side by side with full-time missionaries, Ed and Val Schubert, Amy and Lois represented the puppet team as they helped teach puppetry to a number of groups


Kenya, Africa

The team went to Kijabe, Kenya to work with missionaries Brian and Missy Wagner at Rift Valley Academy teaching the students and teacher the art of puppetry.  The team also went to numerous orphanages and a hospital to do performances.  The trip included an overnight safari! [check out the blog posts]

Long Island, New York

The team spent a week in New York, working with a wonderful group of teens and adults at the Long Island Alliance Church.  Working side by side with the congregation, the team helped lead a week long VBS and was able to perform at a local senior facility.

Spreading God’s Word Through Our Hands!  

Psalm 119:73 “Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments.”